Zombie Movie: Dead Rising – Watchtower (2015)

Zombie Movie: Dead Rising - Watchtower (2015)

Oh Netflix, I adore how you serve up the most random Zombie movies to me.

When it popped up, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch it. Why, you ask? Jesse Metcalfe is why. I don’t know why that was my initial reaction when I saw he was playing a main character named Chase Carter. He was OK in Desperate Housewives how many years ago and didn’t annoy me much.

I figured this was going to be the run of the mill, mediocre, SYFYish zombie apocalypse flick. My assumptions were somewhat true, but this movie offered some tidbits I found enjoyable. The cop and clown for starters. Zombies who still had some sort of recollection of how to shoot a gun and swing an ax quite accurately. That was long lived, so much for “smarter” zombies.

I also liked the idea of the quarantined area guarded and monitored by the Federal Emergency Zombie Agency also known as FEZA. In the super-dome, they administer drugs to the infected in order to keep them human. Zombrex, as the drug is known has worked for years keeping zombism at bay.

Figures on the day Chase, a reporter for an online news source, and his photographer make their way into the secure area to create a news story, Zombrex stops working. You guessed it. Zombies attack!

He meets a woman who has been infected and together they set off to escape. That’s when they meet Maggie, played by Virginia Madsen (wow… loved her in Candyman when I was a kid). Seeing her was a little surprising, so was seeing, Mr. Allstate, you’re in good hands, Dennis Haysbert playing the General.

That’s the main players. Then there’s Rob Riggle. He’s a special guest reporter on the news who survived an apocalypse and wrote a book with tips to survive. The first few times he’s on its funny, towards the end, I was hoping the news woman sitting next to him would turn into a zombie and eat him. Sorry Rob, but I did.

OK, so back to Chase and the two ladies. There’s weapon building by taking random objects to create zombie killing tools. A biker gang, which made me think about the one in Weird Science when they disrupt the party thrown by Gary and Wyatt. Oh, and a zombie eating a baby in a carrier (umm ok then). And a twist ending which I don’t think anyone sees coming because its a dig at the government wanting to implant chips into people to track them.

So there you have it. Its worth a watch on a day when you have nothing better to do than breathe. I enjoyed it. Up next, the sequel, Dead Rising: Endgame (2016).

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