Zombie Movie: The ReZort (2015)

Zombie Movie: The Rezort

Somewhat boring Labor Day. We’re grilling meat over a low-fire so we have some time to waste. What better way than to find a zombie movie we haven’t seen.

Flipping through one of our streaming services, I came across The Rezort.

Movie premise looks interesting. An island where people can hunt zombies.

What came to mind when I read the movie description was the far fetched idea from a few years back where someone wanted to build a zombie theme park in Detroit.

Back to the movie… The Rezort was different. The story is based after the war against the undead. Now picture Jurassic Park but remove the dinosaurs and replace them with zombies. All the remaining corpses have been gathered and are now on an island. This same island also contains an all inclusive vacation resort which takes guests on zombie hunting excursions.

So what did I think? Did I love it? Nope. Did I hate it? That’s also a nope. I got up a few times to check on food and for beer refills. I felt like I didn’t miss much. It was a decent movie for a lazy afternoon on the couch.

Official The ReZort Movie Trailer:

Disclaimer: I have a tendency to like shitty zombie movies. Due to my biased opinion I will refrain from writing any sort of official movie review. If you want to watch a movie I say I like. You've been warned. Its not my fault you watched it. Are we cool with that?