Zombie Movie: Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil - Zombie Movie

I was flipping through the YouTube TV channels and Resident Evil, the original movie, was on SyFy. I caught it just as Alice is shutting down the system while a hologram of a little girl warns them.

I watched for a few minutes and I when I say a few, that’s like 45 minutes worth. Watching the movie came to a halt because I had a plane to catch. It was time to head to the airport which turned into an absolute nightmare. I swear at one of the five airports we landed at during our 24 adventure home, I hoped a zombie apocalypse would break out and just end it all.

Today I decided I need to watch this again, for the 27th time. What can I say, I love this movie. Zombie movies where people are contained in a closed in area just adds an additional layer of ‘oh *&#@^’ to it.

So what’s this movie about? For the 3 people who haven’t seen it.

Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up with amnesia. She and an elite military team find themselves locked inside ‘The Hive’, an underground lab sealed by a super-computer called ‘The Red Queen’ This hologram of a little girl was designed by Umbrella co-founder Doctor Alexander Isaacs.

The Red Queen is trying to contain a T-virus pandemic outbreak which is causes people and animals to turn into zombies. The doberman scene always gets me, I still cover my face when they are about to attack. I don’t know why. I just do.

Alice and the soldiers have to fight their way out before the military sets off a nuclear bomb.

Thank goodness they made it out because it sets the way for my favorite RE moviae, Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse and the awesome zombie known as Nemesis.

Official Resident Evil Movie Trailer:

Disclaimer: I have a tendency to like shitty zombie movies. Due to my biased opinion I will refrain from writing any sort of official movie review. If you want to watch a movie I say I like. You've been warned. Its not my fault you watched it. Are we cool with that?

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