Zombie Movie: Train to Busan (2016)

Train To Busan - Zombie Movie

I had to re-watch this awesome movie again. If you haven’t seen Train to Busan, you are missing out on a cult-classic.

The movie begins in Seoul South Koren where a (SURPRISE) zombie virus outbreak occurs. You didn’t see that coming did you?

A father is traveling with his young daughter on a fast train when the zombie apocalypse begins. Zombies are beginning to out number the living as the train makes its way to Busan.

What makes me love this movie is the train full of idiot passengers fighting for their lives while sacrificing those around them. Oh… you are going to hate one specific character to the point you will want to scream at the screen. What a #$@% @#$% @@#^%^$ if you ask me. Just the type of person these movies need.

Make a movie night of it. Invite your zombie loving friends friends over, make some snacks and watch the madness unfold. I think you’ll like this movie as much as I do.

And guess what… Train to Busan 2 is scheduled to start filming in 2019. Wow-Wee-We-Wow!

Official Train to Busan Movie Trailer:

Disclaimer: I have a tendency to like shitty zombie movies. Due to my biased opinion I will refrain from writing any sort of official movie review. If you want to watch a movie I say I like. You've been warned. Its not my fault you watched it. Are we cool with that?

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